An unusual Little Women book

I found this very unusual book cover the other day it’s Little Women by Louisa M Alcott but the cover is illustrated Jessie M King and depicts a solitary girl in what appears to be a desert environment which totally contradicts the story itself.

Through some internet research, the book cover was illustrated by Jessie M King (1875-1949) and is well known as a book illustrator, jewellery designer and painter of pots.  Sadly there are no illustrations within the book.

This is one of a series of books published by Collins under the title Collins Bumper Presentation Books.  It has proven to be very difficult to find information on this edition online anywhere: I imagine very few have survived.

This book is definitely a keeper and will add to my collection of unusual and interesting finds.

(NB. If you have found this post, please DO NOT email me asking about the date, value, or details of your book. I know no more about it than you do.)

rare little women (Copy)

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