An unusual Little Women book

I found this very unusual book cover the other day it’s Little Women by Louisa M Alcott but the cover is illustrated Jessie M King and depicts a solitary girl in what appears to be a desert environment which totally contradicts the story itself.

Through some internet research, the book cover was illustrated by Jessie […]

Vintage journal

For a completely unique vintage journal, you have come to the right place! If you appreciate a book with a certain old charm, retro illustrations, classic tales or just a feel or smell that new books lack, then you might find what you’re looking for. We have scoured our surrounding area and come across some […]

Notebook journal

Remade Books is the home of the remade Notebook journal. Browse our site to find a book that is attractive to you or for someone you know, if its to be a gift, and we’ll convert it into a lovely remade notebook journal.

Notebook journals are ideal for students, professionals, writers, artists – and make […]

Recycled notebook

A Remade Books Recycled Notebook is an old, unwanted book, of your choice, recreated into a notebook using recycled paper. Paperbacks or soft back books make great casual notebooks, or go for a hard backed book if you want a longer lasting notebook. A smaller sized book will make a handy pocket notebook, or a […]

Recycled diary

What is a Remade Books Recycled Diary? Well it isn’t an old diary recycled into a new diary, rather an old book recycled into a totally unique diary and made with recycled paper. When you purchase a Remade Book, select the diary option upon ordering and we will print a custom diary into a Remade […]

Recycled journal

Remade Books is the home of Recycled Journals. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I will tell you the story of the Remade Books Recycled Journal…

How it works: We take an old, unloved, unwanted book that was destined for landfill or incineration, and lovingly transform it into a recycled journal. Hard backed books made the […]

Eco friendly gifts

Looking for an eco friendly gift? Look no further – Remade Books make simply fantastic eco friendly gifts! Recycled from old books, and containing only original pages and recycled paper, they are as eco friendly as a product comes. We provide stylish recycled gift wrap along with reused packaging, so your gift will stand out […]

Upcycled gift

An Upcycled Gift is a product made from unwanted or scrap materials that have been restored or reinvented to create a new object. And that’s exactly what we do at Remade Books to create a range of unique Upcycled gifts.

Old books are lovingly recreated into upcycled notebooks, journals, diaries and more. Remade Books make […]

Upcycling gifts

What Is Upcyling? Upcycling is the process of converting old or discarded materials into something useful and often beautiful. A good example is a Remade Book. These are old books that are transformed into various items of stationary such as notebooks, journals, diaries, sketchbooks.

How do we go about upcycling gifts? At Remade Books we […]

Recycled Birthday Presents

It’s a fact – some people are just hard to buy birthday presents for. But here’s some good news – this is no longer the case – Remade Books make fantastic Recycled Birthday Presents! Are you looking for a recycled birthday present for someone who is environmentally aware? Then look no further. A Remade Book […]