Recycled journal

Remade Books is the home of Recycled Journals. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I will tell you the story of the Remade Books Recycled Journal

How it works: We take an old, unloved, unwanted book that was destined for landfill or incineration, and lovingly transform it into a recycled journal. Hard backed books made the best long lasting journals. We carefully slice off the spine and set it aside to be made into a clever bookmark. Then we select pages from the book, give them a quick trim, cut some recycled paper the same size, then intersperse the original content with blank sheets, or lined paper or a diary if you have ordered it. Then we bind it all up with high quality wire binding, adding a bookmark, ribbon place holder, elastic closures etc. We spend some time making your recycled journal unique, such as protective corners if they’re needed.

I could say at this point; “There you have it, the story of the recycled journal from Remade Books”… But in truth it’s story is just about to begin… As YOUR Recycled Journal from Remade Books!

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